Mauritius / Cape Town / Los Angeles

Laya was born from the need for timeless swimwear, staples you could throw in your hand luggage no matter where you’re headed. Trusty pieces to complement whatever mood you’re in. From hotel pools to palm riddled beaches, sandy feet and salty hair. We love the confidence of a well fitting swimsuit, finding that piece that becomes you. These little comforts are what we live for and the reason we do what we do. We hope to create swimwear you treasure. Manufactured with great care and quality Spanish fabrics to stay with you through your adventures.

Garments have an SPF of 50, are seamless and fully lined.

Designed between Cape Town and Los Angeles, with their long summers and wild seas. Occasionally we escape to our factory in Mauritius where the magic comes together. Available worldwide, purchase our garments confident in our care for the planet.

Our commitment is to long term sustainability and responsible business practices. We are committed to doing everything in our power to discover and learn as much as we can to make the best decisions we can for our customers, the earth and our business.

We operate with integrity in our relationships and we are committed to our social and environmental responsibility throughout our business operations. These standards are fundamental to our values as a business and we strive to ensure we work with partners who share this commitment.